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Written by webmaster cahaya-utama   
Tuesday, 06 April 2010 07:00



Welcome ...


We extend our thanks for taking the time to open our website, PT. Cahaya Utama.


PT. Cahaya Utama is a company engaged in outsourcing services that give priorityservice to obtain maximum customer satisfaction, where customer satisfaction is one form of implementation of quality policies us.


PT. Cahaya Utama precisely established in the year 2004, based in Surabaya. Currently, PT. Cahaya Utama already has representative offices in the area of Malang, Kediri, and Makassar. Supported by human resources professionals in the field, we are sure of PT. Cahaya Utama can be well accepted in society and can become more developed and advanced.


Thank you for not forgetting us say to customers that have trusted us as a partner. Trust that you give us will always keep. For the customer who has not used the products and services, we great hope of us to be able to work together.


Success for all of us...

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